Annika Chauhan

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Additional Skills

Agile Project Management | Pair Programming | Problem Solving | Code Collaborations | Presentations | Team Work

Firebase | basic Node.js

noSQL Databases | Authentication | Hosting | Express | REST APIs | Websockets

React | Redux | TypeScript

State & Props (classical) | Hooks (functional) | Context | Routing | Action & Reducers | Types | Interfaces

GitHub | CLI (Bash) | Yarn/NPM

GitHub | CLI (Bash) | Yarn/NPM

Object Oriented Programming (Classes) in JavaScript

Object Oriented Programming (Classes) in JavaScript

JavaScript ES6 with Unit Testing

jQuery | Jest | Enzyme


SASS | Bootstrap



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My Journey into Software Development

For a long time I've thought about how cool it would be to know how to code, however as a young Asian lady it is much harder to choose to do something that is completely "unknown". I remember picking up a book about C++ when I was younger and wanting to experiment with the code, but being far too afraid that I'd break the computer to try!

My first experience of programming was in my first full time job as a Finance Assistant. I was using Excel and thinking about how to best use a macro to automate a task. I googled for hours and found all of these fantastic codes that could do so many things beyond a simple spreadsheet - you could even create emails! And so I fell down the rabbit hole, I googled and I coded. Then I started to pick up lots of new skills that could be applied to my job and to the jobs of those around me, I was kind of like a problem solver and I loved it!

I started my second job a year and a half after the first. As a Data Analyst I had far more flexibility in producing systems that pushed the limit of what Excel could do and I had many more problems to solve. I realised that I really did enjoy making things rather than analysing the data, and so I started to learn coding using Codecademy on their Web Development path. The more I learnt, the more I enjoyed and so I decided that the next logical step would be to pursue it as a full time career.

My Journey alongside Software Development

Since my roles were always based around logic and numbers, I like to use my free time to express my creativity. Some of my favourite things to do include painting and photography, mainly abstracts and textures. Last winter, I volunteered as a costume designer and make up artist for a Christmas pantomime. I also like to learn new things and improve myself as best posssible, I find that reading books across a variety of genres gives me that opportunity.


I'm always happy to be contacted by like-minded individuals. If you're interested in finding out more about my experiences, learning about software development or are considering a career switch - get in touch!
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